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Primary Practice Areas:​

Here is a list of the areas in which Mr. Houts most often practices.  Some clients seek Mr. Houts out for unusual legal matters because he sees his role as an attorney as that of a problem-solver, not necessarily a lawsuit-maker.  Sometimes, you just have to use the courts, but we willl try to find a solution that doesn't involve giving the decision over to a third party, like a judge or a jury, if we can avoid it.

Certified Closing Counsel for U.S. Small Business Administration Loans

General Business and Legal Services

Author and Instructor

Mr. Houts is the author of a multistate judgment enforcement treatise, has taught Real Property Law and Legal Writing, and has trained financial institution staff in lending, fair debt collection, and loan enforcement.

Over 25 years of experience, reviewing, documenting, and assisting in the closing of U.S. Small Business Administration 504 or 7(a) Loans and providing the required opinion letter in the capacity of Certified Closing Counsel.


Partial opinions on California entities participating in out of state U.S. Small Business Administration Loans.

Ongoing advice and document preparation for novel and complex SBA loans.   Facilitation of communications with SBA government counsel and offices.

Writing and Editing Services

General business services; Contract and Lease drafting and review.  Formation of entities and transactions; sales of businesses.  Collateralization and financing.  Foreclosure and troubled real estate and loans.  Addressing improper credit reporting.  Analysis and negotiated solutions for financial and debt issues.

We also accept other general legal work on a case-by-case basis.

Drafting and editing of complex or technical works, ghost writing of important or contentious documents/letters.  Advocacy and argumentative pieces of various tones.


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